1.First of all, we reduce housing costs and improve investment facility for the FREI community.

We started this investment — construction project to reduce the cost of housing eliminating unjustified profits of development companies.

The main task for our community is to remove excessive mediation in the real estate market and harmonies this. In traditional practice, there is an intermediary between the buyer of real estate or an private investor and a construction company. Market price of real estate includes a profit of this intermediary.

This profit is up to 40%.

Now We, — FREI community take it away and distribute it to the community of private investors.

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2.We have made real estate investments accessible by setting the minimum investment threshold — FREI token firmly peg to 0.1 m² of real estate and guaranteed by the real estate price.
3.We are working hard to widely distribute blockchain technologies into traditional spheres and we use blockchain to support FREI—token.
We believe that the rational use of blockchain technology allows the community to be closer to each other and avoid unnecessary influence of intermediaries.
At the same time, we take care of guarantees for all members of the FREI community. Therefore, each FREI token is backed by the real estate of the FREI community and is always linked to the cost per square meter.
Every time you buy a FREI, you also receive a traditional contract that confirms your right to the corresponding amount of m² of real estate.

This is the basis of the FREI ideology.

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Every time you buy FREI
you obtain
traditional contract for realty 

combined togetherre gulated by government.

All your assets is under survey and audited by professional specially designated body.

FREI Secured Property

The Problem

The Challenges of Real Estate Investment

High Barriers of Entry

– Requires significant financing and risk
– Excellent creditworthiness required

Costs Time and Money

– Legal and Professional Costs
– Property Maintenance and Management

Low Liquidity

– Selling the property takes time
– Selling the property takes time

Rising Global Inflation

– Devaluing traditional FIAT currencies
– Increasing Property Prices

How it Works – Future of Real Estate Investing

Designated Bank Account

When you buy a FREI, your funds go
into a special account to finance construction.

Passive Income

During construction cycle price for 1 m², and price for pegged FREI grow
around 40% pa.

Financial Audit

A monthly financial audit confirms
the account balance and its consistency with the construction plan.

High Liquidity

Anytime you can buy or sell FREI at the community marketplace.

Easy Money Back

You can obtain opportunity of full money back at the earlier stage.

Technical Audit

Regular technical audits confirm that construction work is on schedule.

Golden Offer

Easy Money Back

You can request “Golden Package”:
— possibility of money back during 3 day after payment in any possible way you like;
— assistance in bank accoount opening in Turkey;
— VISA or Mastercard issuing.

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Our mission is to
make investing in
real estate accessible
to everyone.

Join us as we disrupt the real estate market and revolutionize the future of property investment and ownership.

We’re going to be breaking down the barriers to make it simple,  affordable and accessible for everyone to be able to realize the benefits of investing in real estate.

Creating a fundamental shift in the future of real estate investment and ownership, GOCADA will empower private individuals to start building a property portfolio that earns a passive income,
with an investment as low as $100.

GOCADA Ecosystem will enable fractional ownership of properties which can be easily bought, sold or traded; reducing entry barriers
and equally providing liquidity.

Driven by our Token holder FREI, we will empower our community with the knowledge, tools and DeFi solutions to benefit from real
estate investment opportunities that have previously only been available to institutional and private high-net worth investors.

Road Map

May 2022


Sep 2022


Dec 2022

Emission Token - FREI - Stage 1

Dec 2022

Start presale - FREI - Stage 1

Feb 2023

Lunch Gocada Traid Platform

Jun 2023

Lunch Second Stage Pre Sale FREI

Aug 2023

Lunch Gocada Ecosystem

Sep 2023

Listing Exchanges

Dec 2023

PreOpen FREI Stage 1

Jun 2024

PreOpen FREI Stage 2

Dec 2024

Open FREI Stage 1

Jun 2025

Open FREI Stage 2

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